Battle in the Mud Terriers

Wednesday 13th February 2013

Wow what drama. Such was the excitement I confess to not making a large amount of notes today as it was impossible to take your eyes off the game as well as trying to keep track on what the aggregate score was across the 2 games. TheTerriers were remarkable today. They were given the task of scoring enough goals against the weaker Sports side whilst the Bulldogs attempted to keep the A side galacticos from getting too far ahead, thus giving us a chance of winning on the combined score. Mission accomplished and everyone within both teams should be extremely proud of achieving that.

George M (gk), Oscar (rdef), Josh D (ldef), Joe (rmid) Matthew (cmid) George H (lmid) and Lewis (cforward)

A fairly cagey opening to the game and it took our attacking unit a little time to hit their strides. They were up against a rather physical outfit which left me wondering whether the so called "Brazilian" sessions they all attend aren't slightly misnamed - not sure I've seen any Brazilian sides push, shove, niggle and in certain cases blatantly foul as we saw today. But our guys were not for wilting today. Once we found our feet we forced a succession of corners and from one of these a great shot from Matthew was initially saved but Lewis was on hand to get us 1-0 up. George made it 2-0 before a foul partly removed his boot and whilst he was on the sidelines having it sorted out Sports played on and scored. It was a bit unfortunate in that the only goal we conceded the whole day came when we were down to 6 men, but that was probably the only way they were going to score. A nice move between Joe and Lewis led to Lewis making it 3-1 by half time. With the bulldogs holding the other sports team to 1 goal we had the aggregate lead at half time.

The only disappointing thing about the 2nd half was that we only added 1 further goal because we carved out enough chances to be well clear but a nice George and Lewis combination saw us to 4-1 and with the other game finishing 3-0 it meant 4-4 on aggregate with 5 minutes extra time in both games. Gosh this was tense but what a 5 minutes in our game - the whole team phenomenal in attack and defence, and to score 3 goals in that 5 minute period was some achievement - 2 for Lewis and a penalty for George which he took after he was tripped in the box. Once our whistle blew we had a nervous few minutes watching the end of the Bulldogs game but celebration followed as the Bulldogs kept it to 2 in extra time, and we win 7-6 on aggregate. Full credit to William KW in the Bulldogs goal for making a match wining save deep into Fergie (injury) time. This must have brought about the cheer of the day. Well done William.

As if the above isn't enough, a rather tired Terriers team take to the field in the second game and only produce their defensive performance of the season to hold the galacticos to 0-0. Rather than go into the detail of that game (I don't have any), only fair to do the roll call of the rich praise each player deserves.

George M
Here is a lad who has only played relatively few games with the Terriers. You wouldn't know it. Safe assured keeping in game 1, good distribution and judgment of when to come off his line. Also worthy of mention is his tremendous contribution as an outfield player in game 2 when coming on. He has made terrific progress to say this is his first season with the team.

I'd say that these were his best ever games for the club and only one word can describe his performance - outstanding. Some fantastic one on one tackles, he was never bullied by the physicality of the opposition and his heading ability a useful addition to his on the ground skills. Some good distribution too and he stood up brilliantly to some really skilful players in game 2.

Josh D
What can you say about our very own Gareth Bale? Americans over-use the word awesome but this was an awesome performance not just in defence with the famous bone-crushers, but he continued as he had done at Wigton Moor with some top class distribution. A really nice partnership developing on the left between him and George H and basically Sports were annihilated down the left hand side today.

Joe deserves the plaudits for taking on an unfamiliar role and delivering a performance we could only dream of. To beat Sports we needed the whole unit to perform to their maximum, and the hardest part of that is someone charged with a new role. Not only did his usual strong defensive work come into play but he also turned creator for Lewis to score and showed some nice link-up play.


Today was Matthew's type of game. Tough conditions and some rugged players where it would be essential to avoid getting over-run in midfield. Cometh the hour........Goodness knows how many times he broke up moves in both games 1 and 2. He was an absolute rock and no one could get past him. Still time to play a strong role in attack though with a great assist for Lewis' first goal. Almost scored a winner late into match two with Gerrard-esque shot from distance just missing the post.

George H
Shall we say he was subject to the occasional foul! But full credit to George for playing on regardless of being targeted by the opposition. Great pace and trickery, some lovely crossing and penetrative passes. Fantastic clearance off the line in game 2. Oh and that extra time penalty - coolness personified.

5 goals - we are used to that, but I said in a report some time ago that there were bigger challenges to come and could he continue to maintain what is an incredible goal tally against stronger defences? We have an emphatic yes - his all round game was strong with movement and pace which constantly troubled the sports defence and there was an Aguero-esque finish from an acute angle for one of the goals.

Will H
Will came on for extra time in game 1 and despite coming on cold he put himself about for the whole 5 minutes and again great defensive work. Some very nice footwork in game 2 against the galacticos, showing them a few tricks off his own. Excellent work-rate and he really battled hard in game 2 during periods where it was a bit of a rearguard action.

In goal for game 2 which of course meant that he wasn't short of action. He should be very proud of keeping a clean sheet against the galacticos and again he built on his Wigton Moor performance with a series of high quality saves, one of which was quite unbelievable in that he managed to get a hand to a point blank shot hit from close in with the guy 1 on 1. Somehow he forced the ball over the bar.

Last and certainly not least any victory is down to the work and effort the coaches put in. James F has moulded this unit into something very special indeed and the development of the players is something to see. All 3 coaches/managers have worked so hard for this result not just in getting the right formations in place but making the players believe that they could achieve it. It has been a job well done for which they should be rightly proud.

A really big thank you to Simon for refereeing the game and doing it so well in a pressure cooker environment. Firm but fair as always and a great sacrifice to referee a game in which Jack isn't playing
writen by : Richard Horbury

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