Hawks (Blue and Red) vrs. Pannal Sports (14/10/2012)

Sunday 14th October 2012

Match Reports - Hawks (Blue/Red) vrs. Pannal Sports (14/10/2012)

What a great day for the Hawks today! In the League games, the Blues managed to hold what seemed like the stronger of the Pannal Sports Tigers teams to a draw, with a particularly strong showing from Gabe (Man of the Match). It was clear that the Blues really wanted the game, and they played to a very high standard. The Reds managed a really strong showing too, beating the Tigers in the other League game. There was a lot of well-deserved praise from the sidelines as well as the coaches for this game with some really great team play from Noah and Callum up front, and some amazing defending by Euan at the back, who was watching the game and showed impeccable timing in his tackles. The game was held together by strong midfield play from Andrew (Man of the Match), who also managed to score the first goal. Noah, playing on the right wing, scored another two, and both benefited from some selfless play by Callum on the left wing. Precise passing between the 3 players up front, coupled with Joel and Euan's defense and Harry's clean sheet made it a great day out. I'd also like to salute Pannal Sports Tigers, who graciously played just 6 players to match our team.

In the non-League friendlies, the Blues continued their strong performances and managed a win, with spectacular goal-keeping from Gabe and great up-front play from Thomas A and from Toby (Man of the Match). The Reds, again just 6 players, held the 7-a-side Tigers team to a draw. It was a fun game, so our defenders got to play up front, and our forwards at the back.

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